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About Us

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My Journey

Putting In The Heartwork

I began my journey in real estate back in 2009. A decade might seem like a long time, but it’s provided me with unparalleled insight into the unique needs of clients across Singapore. Over the years, I’ve delved deep into various sectors – private residential, HDB, and the commercial property sphere.

Every client, every project is a story waiting to be told. I commit myself to listen, to understand, and to find the best, most cost-effective solution for you. Your dream, your vision becomes my mission.

Though I was born in the bustling city of Singapore, I spent my formative years in the serene landscapes of Sabah, Malaysia. Returning to Singapore was a journey of self-discovery – pursuing my education and serving my National Service.

2004 was a pivotal year for me. With pride, I graduated with Honours from the Nanyang Technological University, holding a Bachelor of Engineering. By 2009, I found my true calling in real estate, starting with new launches in the private residential sector. Over time, my portfolio expanded, spanning secondary sales in both private and public residential sectors. Today, I’ve also made my mark brokering commercial and industrial deals.

While I’ve a soft spot for the landed and non-landed private residences in District 10 and District 21, I’m always game for challenges beyond my comfort zone.

Want a sneak peek into my expertise? Dive into the ‘Mr Bukit Timah’ website!
My heart now beats for the future – helping the younger generation carve their path. Many turn to me for grounded advice, often finding clarity in their own quests.

In this industry, trust is paramount. I believe in doing business with utmost integrity and always putting my clients first. My aim? To serve with a heart, always.
A glance at my awards and testimonials, and you’ll see they echo my beliefs and dedication.

Welcome to the world as seen through my eyes. Let’s shape your property dreams together.

Simplicity At Its Best

When I’m not crafting property deals, I’m a simple man. A good book, a workout session, or even a tantalizing local dish from a new corner of the city – these are the joys of my life. Of late, my kitchen escapades have garnered rave reviews, especially from my dearest family.
I also ride my trusty bicycle every now and then. Fancy a ride together? Drop me a message!

Achievement over the years

Over the years, I’ve poured my heart and dedication into the real estate industry, and I’m proud of the recognitions I’ve received:

  • TOP 300 ACHIEVER IN 2019
  • TOP 400 ACHIEVER IN 2018
  • TOP 300 ACHIEVER IN 2017
  • NLG Q1 2019 16th position
  • NLG 2018 Top Achievers
  • NLG Q1 2018 28th position
  • NLG 2017 Top Achievers 44th position
  • Savills Division Top Achievers 2011 1st position

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